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Latest Fundraising Update

On August 18th, Matthew House Windsor was invited once again to participate in a fundraiser at the Border City Brawler’s last bout of this season. If you’ve never been to a roller derby, let me tell you – it is quite exciting! The skaters were tough and rough during the bout, forcefully smashing and blocking each other. However, off the track they were so friendly and kind! One of them even suggested I try out (I don’t think I will though, I can’t even skate backwards)!

The skaters warming up.. it’s about to get intense!

A couple of people noticed our beautiful t-shirts, intended for our volunteers on our table and wanted to buy them! We weren’t expecting to sell t-shirts, but we were happy to do so! The t-shirts are really cute, who wouldn’t want them?

Look at all those tickets! One of our amazing volunteers, Brian right before we drew the winner.

To break down the funds we raised, we were able to raise $343 in total! $283 from the 50/50 draw, $20 from t-shirt sales and $40 donated by the winner of our 50/50 draw. This was a great event for us, not only to raise funds, but to raise awareness for Matthew House Windsor. Many people took an interest in Matthew House and asked questions about how we serve the community. After learning about us, they were happy to donate a few dollars for a good cause.

Big thank you again to Border City Brawlers! You ladies rock!

Written by, Esther Chae

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